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studiooo factory - Mobile Tail | Concept

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Deriving from "men's best friend", our phones have become much like our pets. We keep them close, enjoy their company and most of all develop strong feelings for them, but who ever thought that the tail of a dog could lead to such gadgetry?

Brought to you by studiooo factory, the Mobile Tail was inspired from the Dalmatians of the One Hundred and One Dalmations story. The Mobile Tail is a cleverly designed stand for your iPhone. The simulated tail is constructed in a flexible silicon composition with a matted surface. It also features a polished suction plate which is easily attached, detached and reattached to the back of the iPhone, making it handy for FaceTime and watching videos.

The concept is offered in several colors, and it is packaged charmingly in a small box with the tail peaking out.

It is not official as to when the stand will be available, but it is planned that one percent of its sales are to be donated to animal conservation groups.

via designboom