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Tunebug - Shake

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An important concept to live by is that safety always comes first. That's exactly what Tunebug had in mind when they designed the Shake Portable SurfaceSoundâ„¢ Speaker. Tunebug knows that the mobility of headphones is certainly convenient, however it can create a dangerous barrier between you and your surrounding environment. They came up with the solution, and as Tunebug puts it, this speaker is not for your ears but it's "surround sound for your head."

The Tunebug Shake is a speaker that can be connected to you music listening device, such as mp3 players, iPods or mobile phones also Bluetooth compatible. This slick little sound device is easily mounted to your bike, skate or snowboard helmet without creating any obstructions. You can now focus on both your sport and your safety, while you jam out to your favorite tunes in surround sound.

The Tunebug Shake is currently available at Tunebug.