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Facebook Will Be Launching Email On Monday

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This coming Monday, facebook will be holding an invite-only Web 2.0 Summit, and speculation is that it is related to the upcoming facebook email, set to launch on Monday as well. According to Business Insider and the folks from ZDNet, facebook will be offering a full-fledged email service to its users, thus allowing for users to not just communicate with fellow facebook users, but also link up with the outside world as well.

Word on the street is, the new facebook email will also integrate Microsoft Office tools. While the new email service proves to be a strong contender challenging to throw off Yahoo! and AOL's email services, it seems as though most are confident that Gmail will not be too affected by the new facebook email launch. Stay tuned for more information to come, and remember to log on to your facebook accounts this coming Monday to check out the new services for yourself. via: BI/CNET