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HEAD PORTER - Black Beauty - Large Camera Bag

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Black Beauty Camera Bag 1

Digital cameras are currently one of the gadgets that are within reach for most consumers and the DSLR is also at a reasonable price, breeding pro-sumer photographers. HEAD PORTER have taken notice of the insurgence and have produced the Black Beauty Camera Bag, in large size, to accommodate more equipment. The matte nylon taffeta body is strong and scratch proof making it ideal for a camera bag. Inside the bag, it features several removal dividers that can configure the space to your needs. As a rough guide, the bag can fit one DSLR camera and two lens' which is plenty of space for casual user and the bag is wrapped in padding to protect your investment from harm. via: honeyee

Black Beauty Camera Bag

Black Beauty Camera Bag 2

Black Beauty Camera Bag 3

Black Beauty Camera Bag 4