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TRIUMVIR x Street Fighter Alpha III - Greyscale Collection

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Street Fighter - and the era in video game history it's synonymous with - has a special relevance for a whole generation. Triumvir has shown an affinity for the Street Fighter culture too, and the game's imagery and characters have been the inspiration for a series of releases from the label, spanning multiple seasons. The previous collaboration, released last April and titled the Super Street Fighter X Collection, was rumored to be the last from Triumvir, but fans of the collections are getting at least one more chance, with the TRIUMVIR x Street Fighter Alpha III "Greyscale Collection," available for pre-order now, and releasing in mid-December.

The latest installation carries a darker, sleeker feel, with art rendered in fluid black and white strokes. In addition, SF Alpha III saw the reintroduction of several key characters to the video game - plus the introduction of characters from the broader Capcom stable - so it has special resonance for diehard fans. The Street Fighter Alpha III Collection is available for pre-order now, and expected to ship from Triumvir in mid-December. via: Triumvir.