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Reebok Pump Omni Zone - White - Team Purple | Available Now

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No consideration of the technology, culture, or marketing of sneakers in the early 1990's is complete without mentioning Reebok's PUMP system. The user-inflated custom fit system has been borrowed and incorporated into a number of athletic products, and resurrected into a long series of basketball and lifestyle sneakers from Reebok. Reincarnating the Pump isn't a sure bet though, and there have been several less-than-stellar attempts to leverage the retro technology in gaudy new shoes. The Pump Omni Zone hits all the right notes though - and it does so by sticking closely to the very first Pump shoe, released in 1989. Modeled on a classic basketball white leather high top, the limited release Omni Zone keeps it very, very, real with understated design hits in Team Purple and black. Available at atmos.