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Facebook - New Messaging System Announced

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Earlier today at 1pm EST, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new messaging system for one of the most viewed sites in the world, Facebook. While many blogs and tech reporters were speculating a new email service from the social networking giant, the announcement today showed that email is just a component of the new communication system on Facebook.

The new communication tool not only allows users to get new email addresses, but also streamline the user's communication in email, instant and text messages onto one comprehensive all-in-one platform. The new messaging system allows users to send instant and text messages in addition to standard email and Facebook notes.

While some people are concerned about privacy settings, since as of late it has been one of the biggest issues users have with Facebook, the new messaging system promises to let users control who can send messages, and messages from unknown senders and bulk email will be separated into the "Other" folder. In terms of spam, the unnecessary messages will be hidden from view automatically.

Even though many reporters and bloggers have speculated that this is an attempt to take over Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc.'s popular email platforms, Zuckerberg assured the crowd that "This is not an email killer".

For those who would like to try out the new Facebook email, you can now request for an invite via via: ET