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Google Ventures Into Fashion With

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Sure, we might have posted that 5% of Google's total revenue actually come from sources beyond its search (so that should efficiently include everything from Google Earth to Google Talk and the recently discarded Google Wave), but that doesn't mean Google is not attempting to expand that 5% and tap into other markets. As such, Google has recently laid eyes on the building blocks of America-- materialism, and will be venturing into fashion with a new website, thus-far named, set to launch on Wednesday. will be a mixture of personal style blogging and one-stop shop, effectively fusing social media with retail, where anyone can create and share their customized shops by selecting styles, looks and items from various brands. While visitors won't be able to purchase directly off the virtual shop, they will be linked to an online store which carries the item. Word from WWD is that Google has already enlisted the ever stylish Sarah jessica Parker to set up her own personal shop, and is currently hoping Katie Holmes would do the same. via: WWD