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Michael Lau CrazyX'Mas Exhibition At Times Square Hong Kong

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Opening this week at Times Square Hong Kong is a new Michael Lau exhibit entitled CRAZYX'MAS. The exhibit, which runs through December 26th, is an experiential showcase of Lau's characters and imagination, on a massive scale. Honk Kong-based Lau is a Godfather of urban vinyl art, known for several families of characters, many of which figure into this exhibit - including his Gardener, Crazychildren, SFCC, and Mr.Shoe figure - which are all household names to Michael Lau fans. The show incorporates a number of mediums, including larger-than-life toys, enormous spray-cans, re-purposed skateboard decks, illustrations, and balloon that recall Jeff Koons. This is truly a must see for anyone in Hong Kong during the show. via J.ME. and East Touch.

Times Square Hong Kong
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong | MAP

Exhibition Date: November 16th (Tuesday) December 26th (Sunday)