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London's New Double-Decker Buses Unveiled | Video

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Certainly, there are many cities in the world that have double decker buses, especially those that were a part of the great British Empire like Singapore and Hong Kong. But, the red double decker bus is quite a British icon, and the classic transport gets a facelift today as a new double-decker was unveiled at the London Transport Museum by Brois Johnson, the Mayor of London.

The new double-decker is updated to a 21st century relevance without losing the original Routemaster touch and charm. The new bus is manufactured by Wrightbus, and features an open platform in the back which marks the return of the classic "hop-on-hop-off" service.

The bus is scheduled to go into production and enter service in 2012, just in time for the London Olympics. Meanwhile, the prototype is expected to be delivered in 2011. via: autoblog