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Nike Sportswear We Are The Destroyers - Mark Cavendish | Video

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Destroy and Create, the campaign behind Nike Sportswear's Destroyer Jacket, has taken on aspects of a global movement, drawing on a slew of athletes, artists, musicians, celebrities, parties, guerrilla marketing, videos and events. We've covered a number of these already, and today highlight another video done for the project, featuring the moody British cycling star Mark Cavendish. Cavendish is a tough and high-strung athlete, in a sport that is known for it's tough men. His entry into cycling wasn't handed to him, and Cavendish has worked his way up the lowest rungs of the sport, cutting his teeth as one of the best British track racers ever. In 2005, Cavendish began road racing as a lowly support rider, but quickly proved his potential with 10 stage wins in 2007. Cavendish - who is called "the fastest sprinter in the world" - is not without his demons though, among them a crash injuring several riders in the Tour of Switzerland that was ruled his fault. This dark video captures Cavendish's hunger, and definitely represents the "Destroy" portion of the campaign. Check out the video after the jump.