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White iPhone 4 Now!!! - White DIY Conversion Kit For Regular iPhone 4

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White iPhone 4 Now!!! - White DIY Conversion Kit For Regular iPhone 4 By A 17-Year Old

Staten Island has the best view of Lady Liberty. Manhattan is the capital of the financial world. The Bronx is home to the New York Yankees. And Brooklyn is the hub to trendsetters and hipsters. More often than not, the borough of Queens gets overshadowed by its 4 counterparts that make up New York City.

That is no longer true. Now, the borough can boast as the home of White iPhone 4 Now, a DIY conversion kit which will transform any current black iPhone 4 to the yet to be release white variant. Founded by Fei Lam, a 17-year old (Yes! A 17-Year Old!!!) from Queens, who saw a business opportunity after Apple delayed the launch of its coveted white iPhone 4. The high school senior went to work, connecting with someone who works for OEM firm Foxconn of Taiwan, the main supplier and outsourced manufacturer for Apple. The rest is history. Only a few month into the venture, WhiteiPhone4Now already garnered the attention of CNN, TechCrunch, CNET, Fast Company, and the likes. The business also made a handsome amount for Lam, around $130,000 thus far. Of course, Lam's endeavor put him squarely on the cross-hair of Apple's legal department though it has not taken any action against the young entrepreneur yet.via: FC//NYObserver