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WTAPS x Vans Syndicate Authentic | Preview

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As Vans has shown again and again this Fall, they can be an amazing partner to collaborate with. This upcoming shoe, done with WTAPS, shows the potential of what can happen when a versatile and solid platform, the Authentic, gets the design influence of a team as solid as WTAPS. WTAPS transforms the Authentic into a shoe that is simultaneously simple, elegant, and Rockabilly-esque - a true juggling act, that in this case works beautifully. Available in black or oxblood leather, with a ridged outsold, and full leather lining, these are a counterpart to the WTAPS x Dr. Martens we showed last month. This is a tuxedo-grade Vans Authentic that makes some dress shoes look sloppy; if you wanted to get matchy, these would be perfect with the WTAPS suspender T-shirt from the Spring/Summer collection. These will be extremely limited, with availability starting in early December. via Streething.