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ALIFE - Fall 2010 - Footwear + Apparel | Available Now

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ALIFE didn't make too many waves over the Summer, just doing what they do. But people are noticing their footwear this season, and the look at apparel we get today will probably attract a bit more attention. But just to be clear - there's nothing "look-at-me" about the Fall 2010 collection (except maybe the "F U C K" cards T-shirt). ALIFE just put together a very solid versatile collection that reflects exactly where smart streetwear is at today. For footwear - in addition to the Everybody High Card Hidden Champion we covered last week - the downtown brand shows new styles and new colors. In the apparel dept., we get a better look at the Antique A Varsity jacket previewed last week, a tasteful cardigan, ALIFE's take on the ubiquitous flannel, a classic down vest, and of course a few graphic T's and sweats - among them the aforementioned "FUCK" shirt. All in all an impressive collection from ALIFE. via ALIFE.