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Mercedes-Benz Sculpture Experiments

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No Gullwing doors or S-Class luxury here, but that is, of course, the idea. While the design process at Mercedes-Benz has long been based primarily on German engineering, Lebanese-born industrial design star Karim Habib has been in charge of big-picture design at Mercedes' advanced design studio in Stuttgart since 2009, when he defected from rival BMW. Habib, and his team of Oliver Samson, Thomas Stopka, Yves Renaud, and Sylvain Wehnert, recently unveiled some of the concept designs they've been working on at a private industry event, and we've got some pictures. Clearly inspired by organic geometry and fluid shapes, the designs look to capitalize on a growing trend towards auto design mimicking biology, with sinuous, aquatic lines juxtaposed with honeycomb-like skeletal structures. Nothing here you'll see on the road anytime soon, but a good look into the design chamber at the luxury auto maker. Check out the design images after the jump. via: NOTCOT.