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mita sneakers x Reebok Insta Pump Fury - Tiger Camo

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Stating the obvious, there are quite a few things going on with this mita sneakers x Reebok collaboration. The Insta Pump Fury isn't a simple shoe, in any of it's incarnations, but it takes both hands to count the number of features, colors, materials, and textures worked into this shoe. This shoe has the standard Huarache-like restraint system, and manages to also work in white, cream, gray, black, mustard, a black and white herringbone plate on the midstep, contrast stitching at the heel, and underneath it all, of course, is the tiger camo. The result is a surprisingly wearable Frankenstein; with the right outfit, it would absolutely work. Available for pre-order at mita, with expected release on November 27th. via mita sneakers.