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The Hundreds Public Label | Video

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"The Hundreds is Huge!" has been the slogan for a while now, but 2010 really is a big year for the brand. One of the larger stories in streetwear retail this past Summer was the opening of the Los Angeles-born label's flagship New York City location, and you couldn't overlook the subsequent rise in people wearing The Hundreds T-shirts around the store's Soho neighborhood. But The Hundreds is nothing if not a diversely creative company; just look back at founder Bobby Hundreds' numerous projects drawing on a huge variety of semi-obscure subcultures. The brand is hardly just a source of graphic T-shirts, and began producing a more fully thought out line of apparel years ago, under the moniker Public Label. Things happened - among them a global recession - and the Public Label was more or less folded back into the umbrella group. But the urge to create style wasn't killed, and The Hundreds is planning a formal re-launch of the line, which, as The Hundreds puts it offers "more sophisticated cuts, refined quality, palatable colors, and timely design...compared to the more familiar The Hundreds offerings." The first preview of what's to come is this video; more mood inspiration than product shots, but a good teaser. Check the video after the jump. via The Hundreds.