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FriendsWithYou - Rainbow City Exhibition

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The ever-adorable FriendsWithYou will be opening up another exhibition, inviting all to spend some fun time in the sun this December. The new exhibition "Rainbow City", is quite similar to the "Wish Comes True" Festival held this summer, in the sense that large-scale installations are put up outdoors, and promotes audience interaction. "Rainbow City" is inspired by Holi, a Hindu festival which comprises of throwing brightly colored water and powder at each other. So, starting from December 2, Miami Design District will be filled with air-filled sculptures that visitors can touch and explore, and aside from visual elements, the exhibition will also include sound elements that will further enhance the sensory experience. According to OHWOW, who is hosting the exhibition in association with Dacra, "[the] overall installation creates a surreal landscape of psychedelic scenery intended to provoke a religious and childlike awareness, simultaneously."

If you happen to be in Miami this December between December 2 and December 5, do take some time to visit!