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Supreme - Supreme Book Vol. 6 Special Edition T-Shirts

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Special Edition T-Shirt 1

The recently released Supreme Book Vol. 6 featured the black and white photography of John Lydon on the cover and the same concept has been used on the upcoming special edition t-shirts. There is a black or white body version with the photo print of Lydon on the front and the back neck section is printed with both Supreme and John Lydon names to signify the collaboration. Be warned that these t-shirts are only going to be released on ZOZOTOWN at ZOZOMESSE and the pre-orders will start on Monday, November 29th. Supreme t-shirt body is used for authenticity and these are scheduled for release around mid January 2011.

Special Edition T-Shirt Black
Special Edition T-Shirt Black 2

Special Edition T-Shirt White

Special Edition T-Shirt White 2