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Imaginary Foundation - "The Undivided Mind" Exhibition

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Back in the day of Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo Galilei, art and science can coexist in the same mind, and diversity of the mind seems to be much more admired than a singular expertise. However, according to biology of the brain, emotions and intuition are separated from logic and reason by different hemispheres of the brain; the right, for the artistic, and the left, for the scientific and logical. In an attempt to reconcile and explore the notion of one mind, Imaginary Foundation is putting up a pop-up store/gallery at the FIFTY24SF Gallery called, "The Undivided Mind". This exhibition explores the relationship and fusion of art and science to create the synthesis of mind, which is "as rational as it is fantastic". The exhibition will open on November 20 and run through to November 28 for a week.