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Nike Air Max 90 GS - Black/Gold/Pink | Available Now

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If you make enough versions of the Air Max, some of them are bound to come out right. Not to pick on Nike - they do have their shareholders - but I think we all know there have been some Air Max 90 disasters. And that's a shame, because for fans of the 90, there is something about the way it blends athleticism and style that should always be perfect. Thankfully, the latest AM90 for women doesn't mess with the formula too much. It starts with the perfect blank canvas, and with restraint, adds just a few brushstrokes: a Sport Pink airbag and laces, and well-in-check pink heel logo. The shoe gets swooshed in Gold, but it somehow doesn't look gaudy. This could have blown up in Nike's face, and ended up looking like a Spice Girls shoe. But someone showed some design sense, and kept the Pink in check, and the result is beautiful and not boring retro style runner that will probably be an item for female sneakerheads this Spring. via sneakersNstuff.

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