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URSUS BAPE Fall/Winter 2010 Collection New Releases

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Attention US-based fans of A Bathing Ape (hello?): On November 23rd, BAPE STORE NEW YORK will be releasing a collection of new items from the URSUS BAPE collection - the division of A Bathing Ape directed by Tetsuya Nishiyima of WTAPS fame. The release will include a woven sweater in three colorways, featuring the URSUS General logo, and an URSUS fingerless knit glove. No BAPE camo here; these are versatile, casual items from the brand Nigo began so many years ago - exemplifying the more restrained and refined style of Tetsuya Nishiyima. The sweater is available in three colors, and there are two versions of the two-tone glove. Check out a complete image of the items after the jump. via BAPE.