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Woolrich – 180th Anniversary Collection

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With 180 years under their belt, Woolrich is the oldest brand that America has to offer. Its heritage and unparalleled quality is the key to the brand’s success and the celebration has started with the launch of 180th anniversary collection. Only 180 pieces of each item will be sold world wide, which means each item is not only highly limited but at the same time hard to find. Each piece is serialized for authenticity and Isetan Men’s in Japan have gotten their hands on the ultra limited pieces. Most of the items are constructed using archived fabrics and design that span the 180 years of Woolrich. Not only are these items still relevant today, most of the re-issued models are historical pieces that give insight into American clothing history.

Charlie Brown Jacket

Ranch Coat

Stag Jacket

Archive Wool Vest

1830 Outdoor Graphic T-Shirt 3

1830 Outdoor Graphic T-Shirt 2

1830 Outdoor Graphic T-Shirt

Saddle Bag

Car Blanket