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Dickies - Exceeding Expectation: The Williamson Dickie Story | Video

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Did you know that, prior to overalls and work pants, the founders of Dickies, Charles Nathan Williamson and Emmett Eugene Dickie, were in the vehicle and harness business and later, went on to sold hats. The Texas cousins' big break really came about when they started making overalls that rapidly became a fast favorite of the hard-working American workers, who valued comfort as well as durability. Through out the years, the business evolved and Dickies changed to suit consumer tastes, and also stayed ahead in terms of technological advancement in ensuring their products are always one step ahead of the rest. For instance, Dickie developed the permanent press technology after observing his wife giving herself a perm at home. Check out a history of Dickies, from Blue Distribution, and learn more about the company that is not only a favorite of the workers today, but also of the youth. So celebrate a real American story about a bit of luck, and a lot of hard work after the jump.