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N*E*R*D x ROCKSMITH - Giveaway | Winner Announcement

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Thank you for everyone who had participated in the N*E*R*D x ROCKSMITH Giveaway on Freshness! We had received quite a collection of entries, and are happy to announce a winner with the correct answers selected at random from our Facebook Discussion page. So the correct answers to the discussion is as follows, the photographer who shot for the album, is none other than Terry Richardson; "Nothing" is also a new sneaker introduced to the BBC label for season 11, and it comes in 7 colorways; and prior to "Nothing", the album was tentatively named "Instant Gratification". So congratulations to the winner, and for those who are still looking to score some freebies for the holiday, we are currently holding the giveaway for the Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit Custom PS3 Box Set. So god speed, and enter quickly.

WINNER IS Reginald L. Williams Jr.