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SE x Oakley Collaboration

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Two things that Oakley and SE Bikes have in common: both have roots in 1980's BMX bike culture, and neither are strangers to the collaboration game. Oakley, which began as a garage company producing BMX grips, and has grown into a global lifestyle platform, has been bringing in collaborators from all sides for limited edition eyewear - with the obvious star of those projects being the Frogskin. SE Bikes, on the other hand, was started by Scot Breithaupt, credited by many as the founder of BMX, and in recent years, SE has fully embraced the "lifestyle" side of things, catering to an explosion in the fixie market, and releasing co-branded bikes with bpth The Hundreds, and a fixed gear bike with DC. Drawing on their shared history in BMX, Oakley and SE Bikes are now releasing a limited edition Frogskin (is there any other kind?), part of a capsule collection that includes a pair of BMX gloves, and a complete bike - with Oakley's first-in-the-game grip, the B1-B. The capsule radiates 1980's BMX glory, and just ask Jeremy Scott - it's a good look. The gloves go on sale in April 2011 at select SE retailers and at, and the Frogskins and the bike will also be available in Spring 2011, with release info to come. Check out the bike and gloves after the jump.