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Flash Rods - DeLorean - 500GB USB Flash Storage

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It seems like once a year, or every six months, everyone gets Back To The Future fever. Or maybe at this point the Delorean DMC-12 is just a permanently valid cultural reference. Whatever the case, we're getting near that critical 88 miles-per-hour point, with a Nike Delorean Dunk released on Monday, and now this 500GB Delorean flash drive. This desk toy/tool is a 1/18th scale reproduction of the stainless steel car immortalized by the BTTF movies, and is produced by Flash Rods, who make a variety of collectible flash storage devices. The particularly nerdy might complain that the device isn't USB3 compatible, but unless you're transferring Terabytes of data, this probably won't matter. The Delorean flash drive keeps it true to the movie prop, with orange and white 1950's style rims, and a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor (the Time Machine's power source). It's maybe ironic that more data can be stored on this drive than would ever go into a Delorean, but that's part of the absurd appeal of having it on your desk. Check out the 1980's meets 2010 dork fun after the jump.  via: