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FREITAG - F48 Hazzard Backpack Film | Video

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F48 Hazzard Backpack

Zurich based messenger bag and backpack manufacturer FREITAG makes products constructed from recycled tarps from trucks, outdoor billboards and signage. And much like its innovative product design, their latest advertising for the F48 Hazzard Backpack uses an unique filming technique that focuses on a cyclist to showcase the functionality of the backpack. The no editing and continuous filming style works its magic as the camera follows the trick rider performing wheelies and handlebar stand. Several compartments are located on the inside and there is even a large compartment to fit 17" laptop. The full video of the advertising can be found after the jump along with images of the backpack.

F48 Hazzard Backpack 3
F48 Hazzard Backpack 2

F48 Hazzard Backpack 4