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Honeyee.stand Reissue VISVIM Vol.1 and Vol.2

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Back in September, we previewed hnyee.stand, an iPad app developed by Japanese fashion website and magazine Honeyee., which is now available for download from the iTunes Japan store. The app allows users to view interactive content from Honeyee., including editorial content, archives, and special magazine and book features produced by the site. Honeyee. is recognized globally as one of the top sources for intel on lifestyle and fashion news in Asia, and the site is also well know, of course, for having one of the most creative and influential stable of blogs hosted on it's site, including exclusive content written by KAWS, Hiroshi, Tetsu Nishiyama, Pharrell, Nigo - and the list truly does go on. The first dedicated e-publication for the app was a feature on the Uniform Experiment 2010 Fall/Winter collection, and now Honeyee. is re-issuing it's VISVIM Volumes 1 and 2 for the hnyee.stand app. These were really special issues for the magazine, featuring interviews with Eric Clapton and Hiroki Nakamura, plus a truly amazing lookbook from VISVIM's FW2010 collection - and now readers will be able to get this content in an interactive and dedicated platform for the iPad - which has the potential to make the magazine's excellent content even more compelling. Check out cover images from VISVIM Volumes 1 and 2 after the jump. The hnyee.stand app can be downloaded here. via: Honeyee.