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Marc Jacobs x Juergen Teller Skateboard Decks | Preview

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Fashion x Skateboard Decks! Marc Jacobs is the latest to use this medium, which is still a bit edgy, and hugely collectible - note various eBay prices for Supreme x Damian Hirst, etc. From MarcJacobsInt.via Twitter, we have some images of this collection of four skateboards from Marc Jacobs. The mini-collection is comprised of four graphic designs, some more graphic than others, based on photos shot by fashion photographer Juergen Teller. Subjects include M.I.A., Stephanie Seymour, Lisa Marie Presley, and of course, Kate Moss - who Juergen Teller is famous for shooting candidly. Check out the shots after the jump. Check out Marc Jacobs for the decks, which are reportedly releasing soon, but I wouldn't bet on finding any.... via: MarcJacobsInt.