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Nike SB Paul Rodriguez Collection - Spring 2011 | Preview

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Phil Knight is probably giving thanks to Paul Rodriguez at the Thanksgiving table this year; P-Rod continues to have the Midas touch when it comes to skateboarding, pulling buyers out of the woodwork from every niche of the skateboarding world. His line of signature shoes continues to produce mainly hits; getting away from the wilder direction it was going a few years ago, with multiple elephant/cement prints, and neon stitching. Following that evolution into more mature styles, Nike SB's line of Paul Rodriguez (Nike probably doesn't even like the nickname "P-Rod" anymore...) shows a pretty classic look, for skateboard apparel. We just have a preview here, but the line looks pretty versatile and evolved. It includes a washed denim jean, with a shoelace drawstring as a nod to skaters still in the trenches, plus a broad stripe polo shirt, with a pretty quiet logo. The preview is rounded out by a look at an upcoming P-Rod shoe that looks like it ate a Stephan Janoski for lunch. Plus there are a few action shots, of P-Rod doing what he does best (besides selling product) - check out the whole preview after the jump. via: SneakersBR.