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Tokishirazu x Tricker's - M5633 Crepe Sole Shoes

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M5633 Shoes 4

Tricker's pride themselves of high quality of finish and the craftsmanship of the brand is nothing short of extraordinary. Japanese select store Tokishirazu have taken the M5633 model from the Tricker's Country Collection and replaced the traditional Goodyear welt soles to casual crepe soles in colors that match the leather uppers. The wingtip pattern on the premium leather upper material decorates the classic silhouette and there are white, black or maroon upper color variations on offer. On the insoles, the Ticker's for Tokishirazu gold foil embossed print signify the collaboration project. via: CLSTR

M5633 Shoes Maroon

M5633 Shoes Black

M5633 Shoes

M5633 Shoes 2

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