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Activizm Lenses "Untaggable" - By Activist Eyewear | Video

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Brooklynite newcomers Activist Eyewear give us a look at one of the many ill features offered in their Activizm Lens Technology.  The first in a series, this video demos the 'Oleophobic Seal' that coats the entire outside of their lenses.  The title "Untaggable" pretty much says it all, as it repels mad scribbling with a Sharpie like it's nothing.  Good for those mid-day bombing sessions in the hot sun!

More technical specs from the AE website:  "In the final stage of creating each Activizm lens, we cover all outer surfaces with our ultra-high performance Oleophobic Seal.  Applied in a vacuum chamber, this coating is one of the most advanced components of the Activizm system.  Its remarkable ability to repel both oil- and water-based substances means fingerprints, sweat, grease, water, ocean spray, whatever - it beads up and is easily wiped away.  All to ensure that the unparalleled optics of your Activizm lenses stay totally pure."