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EA - Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit - Behind the Scenes

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We showed the live-action commercial for EA's Need For Speed earlier today, and it's pretty amazing - if you haven't watched it yet, check it out. As a follow up, here are the behind-the-scenes shots from Hot Pursuit, with images of the Lamborghini and the Pagani getting dressed, the breathtaking setting in the Italian Alps, and the $500,000 Cineflex camera used to shoot the spot. If you want to shoot your own multi-million dollar commercial with helicopters and supercars, this is a good starting point. Or if you want to see how the Lamborghini got made up like a Seacrest County Police car (like in Need For Speed). Or how the one-of-a-kind engine whine of the Pagani was recorded. It's also drool inducing car porn of the nastiest variety. Take a look after the jump (guys).