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LANCIA Stratos - Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo Test Drive | Video

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The LANCIA Stratos stunned the rally racing community as it debuted in 1971.  Though purpose built to meet the demands of rally races, there was little doubt about its supercar pedigree.  The streamlined design was by Marcello Gandini, the foremost car designer of the day who famously crafted the timeless Lamborghini Countach.  Its powertrain was that of Ferrari Dino V6, the company's first V6 engine. With drivers Sandro Munari and Mike Parkes on board, the Lancia Stratos became the toast of the rally circuit.  By 1976, it claimed the coveted 3-peat, winning the World Cup 3 years in a row.  Unfortunately, the celebration was a short-lived one.  After a series of budgetary constraints, LANCIA's parent company, FIAT Group, ended the rally racing program.  However, fans and enthusiasts never forgotten the car they affectionally called the "Italian Flying Wedge".  Fast forward to November 2010, exactly 40 years after the original Stratos appeared at the Turin Motor Show, the "Wedge" will make its return.  See as Ferrari President, Luca di Montezemolo, gave the new Stratos his seal of approval after a brisk run on the test track with test driver Dario Benuzzi.