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Stussy - November 2010 | New Releases

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Stussy 2

For the month of November Stussy looks back at its roots and designed the 80 zip hoodie and 80 stadium jacket that pays tribute to the year 1980, the year Stussy brand was established. Both items are simple and wearable with simple graphics are laid on the chest along with number 80 on key areas. Denim Officer shirts were popular last time it dropped and they have prepared the same shirt using different color plaid material for its accent. Indigo/red and indigo/yellow color combinations are available and it can be worn together with Burly Arch belt. Stussy also prepared a 3 Ring carabiner for those who likes to accessorize. It is also printed with 'No.80' graphic that pays homage to the golden year. via: Stussy Japan

80 Zip Hoodie

80 Stadium Jacket

Denim Officer Shirt

Burly Arch Belt

3 Ring Carabiner