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Nigel Sylvester Flick Trix - Replica Finger Bike

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Nigel Sylvester is no stranger to attention: he's a regular in lifestyle spots and commercials, one of the go-to athletes for what's going on in the streetwear world, and we won't even get into his 23rd birthday celebration coverage (check it out here if you missed it...). This is all in addition to the fact that he is behind the full-on bike shop/streetwear boutique Format, and that he is an actual professional athlete. But even Nigel Sylvester must be tripping with this latest promo - the "Replica Finger Bike." Yes, the man is now featured on a toy box - and this is the second in a series! If Sylvester is ever having doubts about career success, all he has to do is take a look at the mass produced toy - based on himself. That's if he's not too busy cashing royalty checks. As far as the finger bike goes, it's pretty much what you expect: a finger-size replica of Nigel's real life bike, with all of Nigel's real life sponsors represented. This will probably end up on the desk of a few action sports executives, and under the tree this Christmas for a few million children. If you want one, they will be available at Target, Toys R' Us, and Walmart - no limited edition nonsense here. Laugh now, but wait for this to show up in a Hermès video, like the finger skate did a few weeks ago. Whether you think this is a fun toy, or really weird, check out the shots after the jump.