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Lane Crawford x Reebok Insta Pump Fury

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From a globalism standpoint, this might be the most interesting Insta Pump Fury that Reebok is releasing this year - which is the 20th anniversary of pump technology. First glance, it's a really well executed example of the Insta Pump Fury: all of the classic early-1990's technology and design is perfectly matched by the color palette - which is said to be inspired by Hong Kong's neon skyline. The symbolism continues with the interior, which gets a stunning jade green dragon scale lining - another HK reference, to the mythical creature that represents the city's energy. What ties this whole project together is that this shoe is a Lane Crawford collaboration, and is exclusive to the the Asian fashion retailer. The limited awareness of Lane Crawford in the West is amazing, considering the ubiquitous place the fashion retailer has Asia. This collaboration will definitely have sneakerheads around the world Googling "lane crawford." Check out the detailed images after the jump. via: SF