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BODEGA x LACOSTE - BODEGA Broadwick Lacoste Legends

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Not just mere numerals and letter, L.12.12 is symbolic of what LACOSTE was and still is known for - innovation, as the cryptic code represented the product number for L.12.12 Polo Shirt, the first to be crafted from "petit pique" breathable cotton fabric. And as December 12th draws near, the French icon enlisted 12 influencers of contemporary fashion in its LACOSTE Legends Project, where each contributed their own homages to the legendary Rene Lacoste and his polo shirt in the form of 12 footwear. One of the 12 contributors was BODEGA of Boston, who drew elements from the "sporting gentlemen" of 1920s.  Comprised of navy herringbone worsted wool with a dash white pin stripes added, the BODEGA's Broadwick model then incorporated a richly appointed leather around the heel and sockliner.  Limited to 150 pairs, with 50 of those to come with a matching BODEGA t-shirt, all will be available exclusively at BODEGA on Sunday, December 12th.

6 Clearway Street | Map
Boston, MA 02115

Release Date: December 12th (Sunday)