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NIGO - NIGOLDEN Pop-Up Bookstore

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Sure, the fact that the Kindle is sold out everywhere seems to point to a change in our consumption habits in terms of reading. Books and printed matter have taken a binary form and are now easily compressed into a flat device, and leafing through pages now comprises of pushing a button. But, with the recent burgeon in rallies for a return to more traditional forms of reading with designers and influencers leading the renaissance, books, not e-books seem to be making a comeback. First there was Book Marc by Marc Jacobs, and now, the mastermind of BAPE, NIGO, is joining in the movement with a new pop-up store, NIGOLDEN Book Store, in the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art's On Sunday space.

Very much like his previous vintage endeavor, this store is about the collectibles, the used but classics. Book sourced from all over the world, including numbers from NIGO's personal collection spanning through art, music, fashion, film and literature will be made available for purchase and peruse starting December 15, through January 30. Make space on your coffee table for some new reads, and stock your shelves this holiday with knowledge, pick up a book, and start reading. via: FS