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Nike Foamposite Pro Electric Green | Detailed Look

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You know the Foamposite story by now: the Nike Basketball design lab creates a groundbreaking shoe in 1997, with no stitching, using a brand new composite material for both the upper and the sole. Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway makes the shoe famous. Fast forward to a year or two ago: the Foamposite gets some major, major retro love, in some galactic colorways. If there is a common theme among all of the Foamposite reincarnations over the past two years, it's head turning design - and so many audacious colorways having already been released (from a range of metallics, to vibrant solid tones), that it's almost surprising it we're just seeing a version in Electric Green now. But again - you know the Foamposite story; you're here for the detailed images that we now have - check them out after the jump. via: Marquee Sole.