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ALIFE x Casio G-Shock - G-5500AL-1JR

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Casio and ALIFE have teamed up on a G-Shock collaboration, based on a model that gets a bit less attention in the overall G-Shock lineup, and certainly one that is a more rare choice for collaboration. The G-5500AL-1JR has a simpler, more angular profile than many of it's counterparts. It does, however, share their useful features (too many to list in full here), along with a Tough Solar charging system. The ALIFE design input is really strong here; the watch and band are set in matte black, with a glossy white ALIFE logo around the band, with an ALIFE logo etched into the buckle. The watch comes in well-designed ALIFE packaging, which matches the classy black and white color scheme of the watch. Definitely a versatile G-Shock for multiple settings or seasons. Check out a more detailed image of the ALIFE x Casio G-Shock G-5500-1JR after the jump.