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BAPE - BAPESMOKER E-Cigarette By A Bathing Ape

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If there was a product category titled "Lost In Translation", this one would fit the bill. Of all nations in the developed world, Japan accounts some of the highest per capita of smokers and smoking related death. To do its part in bring down that number, A Bathing Ape introduce the BAPESMOKER E-Cigarette. Packaged in Red, Blue, or Green BAPE 1st Camo, the set includes a BAPESMOKER E-Cigarette, a USB charger, and 6 "tips" with a signature flavor. To give the tactile feel of a cigarette, the tips are wrapped in synthetic tobacco leaf and "lights up" (simulated by a LED) when activate.. For female smokers, there is the Baby Milo variant which is identical in most aspect except the tips light up to 3 different colors. A total of 2000 units will be available, with 300 units going to each of the blue and red camo set, 400 for the regular green camo set, and 1000 for the Baby Milo version. The no tar, zero nicotine BAPESMOKER is on sale now at select BAPE retail locations in Japan.