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DC LIFE Cadet Chukka For Hotel On Rivington

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By now, you've probably seen some of shoes DC has created for Hotel On Rivington. The Hotel, which cultivates a Lower East Side-meets-big-name-design vibe, has now worked with DC LIFE on a number of occasions, producing footwear exclusively for the staff - who are lavished with well designed uniforms. The partnership has given rise to some of the California sneaker company's most forward designs - The Hotel sets the design bar pretty high (various amenities and areas are designed by India Mahdavi, Zaha Hadid, Pieor Lissoni, and Marcel Wander). DC obviously comes out ahead too, with what it would hope is a Lower East Side stamp of approval. For this round, DC puts the Hotel staff in it's Cadet Chukka shoe, for what is probably the most reserved and formal shoe in the collaboration to date. The shoe is in all black suede and premium leather, and the toe box is etched with DC's "patented" geometric design. A big nod to DC's legacy is on visible on the outsole - "HOTEL ON RIVINGTON" is stamped around it, just like DC SHOE CO was stamped around the original DC LYNX. The obvious winners here: Hotel On Rivington Staff. No gold braid epaulet bellboy uniforms. Check out the full images after the jump.