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Maiden Noir - Breathtec M65 Field Jacket

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Breathatec M65 Field Jacket 3

Attention to detail can make or break a piece of design and Maiden Noir is never the one to default on attention to detail. Their latest take on the popular M65 jacket is executed referencing to the traditional military silhouette, however upon close inspection, the Breathtec M65 Field Jacket and the original jacket are no where near each other in terms of construction and functionality. First thing that pops into the view is the duck hunting camouflage detail on the inside of the collar and it also stores the hidden hoodie with in. Except for the camouflage sections, the whole jacket is constructed using Breathtec material which provides water proofing accompanied by full inner seam taping. Jet black exterior is accented by p0ckets and reflected by couple of zipped pockets on the inside. via: HAVEN

Breathatec M65 Field Jacket

Breathatec M65 Field Jacket 2

Breathatec M65 Field Jacket 4