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Nike Releases Environmental Apparel Design Tool To Industry

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While creating environmentally sustainable products is one step to take in helping to reduce negative impacts on our world, one man's effort can only take us so far. In view that strength lies in numbers, Nike has generously released its Environmental Apparel Design Tool to the industry, making it an open source tool.

The Environmental Apparel Design Tool is based on Nike's Considered Design Index, and helps designers make real time choices to reduce waste and decrease environmental impacts of their work. The EADT is created over seven years with a six million dollar investment, and Nike hopes to accelerate collaborations between companies and also promote an industry-wide rally to fast track sustainable innovation as well as decrease the use of natural resources like oil and water.

Aside from tapping into the tool, Nike also welcomes designers and all to build, use and improve upon the EADT.

Check out a video introducing the release of the EADT, and if you are interested in testing out the tool, you can find it at