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Nike x Lance Armstrong - LIVESTRONG Spring 2011 Shoes | Preview

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Just because Livestrong is too often associate only with a cliche rubber bracelet, and a popular Yellow/Black/Grey Nike colorway, it's good to remind ourselves that the foundation creates "a relevant, vibrant cancer movement based on evidence and by investing in strategic solutions." No societal effort to fight sickness and disease has ever enjoyed such popular coolness, with such a proactive message. Of course, part of the momentum results from Nike pushing a huge amount of Yellow/Black/Grey product. And Lance and Livestrong are also a Nike dream come true: one of the greatest athletes ever in one of the most grueling sports, who famously runs marathons and makes athletics a part of his personal life, plus that feeling that by buying, you're doing something good. Whether it's all that nonsense, or just the appeal of the Livestrong colors, Spring 2011 is going to bring a full collection of footwear from Livestrong: a Nike Air Max+ LAF, a Lunarhaze+ LAF, a Lunarfly+ 2 (in yellow/black/white and blue/grey/yellow), and a Trainer 1.2 Low LAF. Plus, for women, a Air Max+ LAF, an Air Lunarhaze+, an Air Lunarhaze+ 2 LAF (also in two colors: black/silver/yellow and green/silver/yellow), and the Free Hypertr II LAF. Preview images haven't been released yet, but there is a full preview video, which gives a full 360 rotation of each shoe. Check out the video after the jump. via: