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PUMA Suede - Made In Japan

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It's a pretty tired cliche: production in Japan means the quality is higher, and the attention to detail is unmatched. Plus, the artisan crafting movement certainly exists to a growing degree outside of Japan, especially as it becomes more and more of a sales pitch. But for some types of products, the old Japanese quality cliche is so overused simply because it is so accurate. Where else would you expect to see a suede PUMA upper being lovingly crafted and finished by hand, by an intent and skilled shoemaker? Or see the sole being stitched on in a way that any Italian cobbler would respect? Puma's project to shift a small production batch (300 pairs of each color - black, navy, and red) to Japan, has resulted in a beautiful revival of sneaker craftsmanship. The result might only be for true lovers of quality - the only sign, apart from the amazing materials and details is a "Made in Japan" stamp on the tongue. A list of dealers for the limited release is available at PUMA Japan. Check out some shots of the Made In Japan shoes after the jump, along with a few shots of some of the best artisan sneaker production you can imagine. via: Shoesmaster