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The Hundreds Garfield Collection

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One thing keeping The Hundreds among the most interesting players in the streetwear segment is that they stay just a bit ahead of other brands in co-opting 1980's imagery. Sure, The Hundreds weren't the first to capitalize on the unadulterated cool of 1980s/1990s hardcore punk bands, and the Delorean was a franchised pop culture symbol before The Hundreds was even a business plan. Still though, the brand has a track record of jumping the gun on just about all of it's peers. Even if UK brand Gasius did a Garfield T-shirt earlier this Summer, The Hundreds just does it more Garfield. Plus they have a whole capsule collection, consisting of T-shirts, cut & sew fleece, headwear, The Hundreds Footware and accessories. The Garfield x The Hundreds collection will be available Thursday at THLA, THSF, THNY, THSM and all domestic retailers, and will be available internationally December 9th. Check out the preview shots after the jump. Pretty special T-shirts. Check out to get your mind blown. via: The Hundreds.