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Tony Hawk's V8 Supercar powered skateboard | Video

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Motorsports and skateboarding definitely have some cross-pollination going on. Motorcycles are huge in skateboard culture right now, and just look at the the big-budget Gymkhana videos and team that DC is fielding. Tony Hawk is set to make his first foray into the horsepower/skateboarding crossover world on December 3rd, with something called the V8 Supercar Powered Skateboard. Unfortunately, we can't be more specific about what this vehicle does yet; what we do know is that it is a monster skateboard, powered by monster V8 engine, courtesy of V8 Supercars of Australia. It makes a pretty serious roar, and looks capable of extremely dangerous speeds. Tony Hawk isn't known for playing it safe, so we're looking forward to seeing him - or anyone - put this beast to the test. For now, check out the background video after the jump, which shows a few seconds of a track test, and the building of the skateboard. And keep in mind: this is literally a huge V8 engine, mounted on an enlarged skateboard. Nothing else. It sounds like a simultaneously terrible and amazing idea, and we're looking forward to see what happens.